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About Us

Providing automation solutions and services

To provide increasing demand in the process of industrialization – modernization of the country, PHAP TRI TRADING & TECHNOLOGY LTD was born with the gathering of many leading experts in Automation. We are proud to take the lead in the application of total solutions, electrical system integration and automation, applying the latest technologies in control engineering such as iFIX, Cimplicity, Wonderware Intouch, WinCC, GE. PLC, DCS, Citect, PCS7, STEP7, BATCH CONTROL, S7-200 / 300/400 … for many industries.

  • Design and installation of electrical systems – automatic control.
  • Providing electrical equipment, control, measurement and analysis equipment …
  • Consulting, providing control technology solutions and connecting network of control stations.
  • Service of maintenance of control systems, ensuring continuous operation and without problems.
  • Providing training courses: iFIX programming training, Intouch, Cimplicity, Eplan ….
  • Conveyor Solutions: Flex Link Conveyor,...
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