Automatic Meter Reading

Generally, the vending machines are spreading out in many locations. To maintain each machine would cost great time and labor. M1000 Pro invents a Vending Machine Monitor and Report System to undo the problem of machine maintaining.

1. Each meter is connecting to a M1000 smart GPRS modem via RS232 by using CSD (data call);

2. Each meter is connecting to a M1000 smart GPRS modem via RS232 by using GPRS (meter control the modem via AT commands);

3. Each meter is connecting to a Data Concentration Units (DCU), which may support up to 32 meters, and each DCU is connecting to a M1000 Pro serial to GPRS gateway via RS485 by using GPRS (transparent transmit serial data to billing center automatically).

PLC Remote Management

Virtual COM is a software driver that adds a virtual serial port (e.g. COM5) to the operating system and redirects the data from this port via a TCP/IP network to another hardware interface, which is specified by its IP address and port number.

Virtual COM over GPRS has been widely used in remote control applications.

Scenario A:

1. M1000 Pro works as TCP server with fixed public IP or dynamic public IP (using Auto SMS Notification, each time when M1000 Pro has a new IP will auto send SMS including IP to preset phone);

2. PC installed virtual COM software works as TCP client with any IP, connect to TCP server on demands.

Scenario B:

1. PC installed virtual COM software works as TCP server with fixed public IP or dynamic IP with domain name;

2. M1000 Pro works as TCP client with any IP;

3. M1000 Pro works under wakeup by SMS/Caller ID modes, after wakeup auto connect to the TCP server, and disconnect when reach maximum idle time (no data flow).

In both scenarios, after TCP connection established, which is a bi-directional socket connection, you can operate the PLC via virtual serial port just like connecting your PC with PLC via serial port locally.


LED Signage

Industries such as transportation or finance often use LED signage to present information, such as traffic congestion information or real-time stock quotes. Cellular technology can allow such messaging and communication for previously untapped, hard-to-wire locations, such as on highways and on buildings. Message display can be controlled in real-time from a remote monitoring location. A Robustel Gorugged M1000 Smart GPRS Modem can be used for simple setups that do not require advanced computing functions.

Application Diagram:


Robustel’s proprietary SMS Direct has the following features: 
1. Transparently converts serial data to short message or vise versa without using AT Commands.
2. Text, binary, and Unicode formats are supported.
3. Verification of Incoming Caller ID is implemented to block uncertified users.
4. The configuration profile can be easily stored, and then copied to other modems.

Possible Applications:
Update the message on a highway LED signage display panel
Place refill orders for vending machines
Handle maintenance for remote rental equipment
Create SMS alarm for legacy deviced.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);